Monday, June 13, 2016

Final Reflextion

         Photography has helped me learn that I like to photograph simple but effective photos. I like to have some background space. Although, I often have complex ideas. One of my biggest challenges this semester has been, making the photos I take look like the photos in my head. I have all these ideas on how I want my photo to turn out, but they never turn out the way I imagine; they turn out better. I often am shocked on how a photo turns out in compare of what I imagined. I would have to say the photos I took from my cruise to Mexico were my best work. I was in a place I had never been before, so I had a lot of excitement and raw emotion behind the camera, which I believe shows through my photos. Mexico has a nice balance of color and worn down structure; when the paint is chipped so you can see the underneath. If I were to re-do a project, I would re-do minimalism with people. It is not that I do not like the photos I did, because I really do, but I think it would be nice to do the project in a completely different way. In the first project I had a white mist background (mostly because I was at the beach). I think it would be fun to photograph with the background being a bright color. For example: Someone in front  of a brick wall that has been painted pink. I feel like that would be an interesting composition. In the future, I will be more mindful of taking my camera to simple places. Usually I would think of taking my camera on vacations, or to waterfalls, places I do not go to often. In contrast, I think it would be neat to start taking my camera to places I go to often. A coffee shop for instance, there are lots of interesting compositions in a coffee shop that could call for beautiful photographs.

         Light is important because it is the mood of the photograph. Light creates shadows and emphasis on the subjects of your photo. My favorite time to photograph is late afternoon in the summer, right after the brightest part of the day. I feel like there is just the right amount of light and it gives off a happy mood, that I can then show through my photograph. In the cooler months, my favorite time to photograph is the evening, when it gets more dark. In the dark you can see the lit up signs and telephone poles, which makes a nice photograph. In making a good photo, it is best to try new things, even if it is unusual. Through trying new things, you can discover new ideas that you like and can apply to other photos. Rule of thirds constitutes for making a good photograph. The way things are places within the photo can either be pleasing to the eye or can not be. I feel like the way the subjects are placed, and the lighting are vile in photography.